Our Story

Hi! We are Jacob and Jo!

Almost 3 years ago we left our full-time jobs and decided to make a life change, choosing to focus on the things that make us happy…the great outdoors, adventure, appreciating the simpler things in life and living somewhere that allowed us to get out and appreciate all that mother nature has to offer as much as possible…and then we found this beautiful property in Kearney and the journey began!

Knowing that we did not want to rejoin the rat race, we decided to build a business that would generate a modest income for ourselves, still allow us to be outside as much as possible, and give us the opportunity to share with others what we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep

After doing lots of research, we chose to partner with Groovy Yurts – a Canadian based company that supports and employs an entire village in Mongolia and is committed to natural sustainability of the environment in the production of their authentic Mongolian yurts…and so…in 2021 our glamping business was born!

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